All cakes include four layers of cake and three layers of filling. We use only pure buttercream, made from 100% fresh dairy butter and no shortening, which gives our icing a smooth creamy taste and texture. We can try to accommodate any special flavor requests.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ~ Rich chocolate cake layered with a
fresh raspberry buttercream and a chocolate truffle center

Lemon Dream ~ A light lemon cake, brushed with a tangy fresh lemon juice syrup, and layered with a refreshing lemon mouseline

Lemon Raspberry Dream ~ Same as above with the addition of layers of fresh raspberry buttercream

Chocolate Caramel Blast ~ Deep chocolate cake layered with a caramel buttercream (with toasted almonds *)

Strawberry Orange Grand Marnier ~ A light orange scented white cake that is brushed with Grand Marnier syrup and layered with fresh strawberry buttercream

Tiramisu ~ White cake brushed with brandy infused espresso syrup, layered with a mascarpone filling that has been dusted with chocolate *

The Tuxedo ~ Alternating layers of deep chocolate cake and white cake filled with a creamy chocolate filling

The Purist ~ Vanilla bean cake with layers of Tahitian vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean ~ Deep chocolate cake brushed with an espresso syrup with mocha buttercream

Chocolate Craze ~ Deep chocolate cake with your choice of a creamy chocolate filling or a rich chocolate ganache

Coconut Almond Bliss ~ Chocolate cake layered with a creamy coconut filling and toasted almonds *

Chocolate Covered Valencia Orange ~ Zesty orange cake soaked with a fresh orange juice syrup and filled with either a creamy chocolate filling or rich chocolate ganache

Seasonal Flavor
Fall Harvest Pumpkin Spice ~
Pumpkin spice cake with toasted walnuts layered with a cream cheese buttercream *

* star indicates an additional cost for these flavors

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